Forum Communique

The deadline is closed to comment on the first draft of the Polar Data Forum Communique
(Note that the Communique may  still be opened using the link at the bottom of the page, but is now 'view only'1.)

Many thanks to those who have added their thoughts directly to the below document or who have emailed the WDS-IPO separately; we are grateful for your time and cooperation. The Scientific Organizing Committee will now use the given suggestions to prepare a final draft of the Communique, which will then be sent out to targeted communities to ascertain its relevance to them. The text will thus be revised based upon their feedback, and will be made generally available.

As a participant of the International Polar Data Forum you will be kept updated of these developments through this website, and though our mailing list. 

The Communique has been (re)created using a Google Doc, and so the embedded formatting may appear slightly different depending on the browser used.

International Polar Data Forum Communique