Programme Overview

 Monday 14 October
 17:00–18:00   Pre-registration (badges only)
 18:00–20:00  Icebreaker

 Tuesday 15 October
 09:00–10:00 Registration
 10:00–10:45   Opening Remarks
 10:45–11:00    Scope of the Forum
 11:00–12:30     Session 1: Data—Lessons Learned from IPY
 12:30–14:00    Lunch and Poster Session
 14:00–15:30    Session 2: Best Practice—Data Administration
 15:30–15:45    Coffee break
 15:45–17:45     Session 3: Best Practice—Publication & Citation
 17:45–20:30  Group Photograph & Conference Banquet

 Wednesday 16 October
 09:30–10:45  Session 4-A: Best Practice—Data Sharing & Observing Networks
 10:45–11:00    Coffee break
 11:00–12:30    Session 4-B: Best Practice—Data Sharing & Observing Networks
 12:30–14:00   Lunch and Poster Session
 14:00–15:15  Session 5: Data Centre/Service Provider Accreditation
 15:15–15:45   Coffee break and Poster Session
 15:45–17:15   Session 6: The Future of Scientific Polar Data Management
 17:15–17:45   Session 7: Polar Forum Communique
 17:45–18:30    ICSU World Data System Town Hall Meeting

Full Draft Programme

The Full Draft Programme, including details of sessions, speakers and the list of posters.

Forum Proceedings

The finalized Forum Proceedings, including addenda and extended abstracts for all oral and poster presentations.



An Icebreaker for the Polar Data Forum will be held on 14 October (18:00–20:00) in NMNS’ main restaurant MOUSEION; once the SC-ADM meeting has concluded. The fee for the Icebreaker is covered by participants' registration fees.


A Forum Banquet will be held at the end of the first day of the Forum, on 15 October (18:30–20:30). The SEIYOKEN restaurant  near Ueno Park, which is very famous for its western-style menu, has been reserved for the occasion. To join the Banquet, a fee of 3,000 JPY is required from all participants.
Prior to heading to the restaurant, all participants are expected to be available for a Group Photograph (17:45–18:00), which will be taken in Lecture Hall (2F).

WDS Town Hall Meeting

A WDS Town Hall Meeting is planned in Large Room (4F) of NMNS (the poster presentation room) after the closing of the Polar Data Forum. All participants of the Forum are very welcome to join this meeting, which will allow those with an interest in WDS to interact with members of the WDS-SC in a social environment.

Side Meetings

SC-ADM-17 (Closed meeting)

The 17th meeting of SC-ADM will take place on 13–14 October in Large Room (4F) of NMNS. A detailed agenda for the meeting will be prepared by the SC-ADM Co-chairs. Participants are limited to SC-ADM members. A SC-ADM Dinner is planned after the daytime meeting on 13 October. Details are to be confirmed, but a restaurant will be chosen in Ueno, near NMNS. More information will be given at the meeting.

WDS-SC#9 (Closed meeting)

The 9th biannual meeting of the WDS-SC will take place on 1718 October at the NICT Office near Kojimachi Station, in central Tokyo. A detailed agenda for the meeting will be prepared by the WDS-IPO. Participants are limited to WDS-SC members and invited guests.